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1 September 1972
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I like to write and read fanfic. I also love to study the Bible. The fandoms that I am reading fanfic in right now are Angel/Buffy (I'm also writing in this fandom), Bones, Superman (Movies, Lois and Clark, and I watch Smallville, but I don't read the fanfic.), Pirates of the Carribean. I also just started watching Blood Ties so I'm readin Blood Ties fanfic as well. My fave actor right now is David Boreanaz from Buffy, Angel, and Bones.

My favorite ships to read are:

Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Angelus (The story needs to end with B/A or B/Aus together and happy with each other and their relationship.

(Supporting characters can be with whoever. Don't have a fave ship for them.)

Booth/Bones (unless it's a XOVER with Buffy and Booth is Angel. Then it's Buffy/Booth. If Booth is a decendant of Angel then Booth/Bones and Buffy/Angel.)

(Again supporting cast can be with whoever.)

(Supporting cast be with whoever.)

(Supporting cast can be with whoever.)

Can't think of anything else right now. Ask me a question adn I will most likely answer it. :-)