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Gustov Update

Gustov Update

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S Shield
This is a real life post.  I'm in the direct path of  Hurricane Gustov.  However, I'm far enough inland to where I don't have to worry about an evacution order.  At least not at this time.  With Hurricane Katrina, we had people coming to my city to evac.  So....  But anyway, if you don't hear from me in a few days, I've lost power and/or can't get a connection.  The only thing that I'm even mildly worried about is we have an old Oak tree in our yard.  A few months ago, it was struck by lightening and it's split down to the roots.  My hubby did get out there and cut all of the limbs that was facing in the direction of the house so it would fall toward the street if it fell.  I made the comment earilier that we should fine and the tree should fall on the house unless one half goes towards the street and the other half falls backward onto the house.  LOL  Now that I said it, I doubt it will happen.  LOL  But it has put that thought there.  We will get power outages and a lot of wind and rain, but other than that, we will be fine.  We might get drainage backup.  Our street floods in heavy rain, but so far just rain water has never gotten into the house.  This house has only flooded twice and that was when the river got up past 41.  At this time it's at 11 and we won't get that much rain.  LOL  But we do have sandbags because of the new drainage problem that we descovered when we got a lot rain a couple of weeks ago.  About a year or so ago, some of neighbors put in pipes and covered up the big cannal behind their house, (it's still open behind my house), and a couple weeks ago, instead of just deep water at the stop sign at the end of the street, my front yard ditch was over flowing and it was mid calf deep in the street.  (I'm 5 feet even and it was mid calf on me.)  So we got sandbags to be on the safe side.  I will update everyone as soon as I can.  They expect the Hurricane to hit Monday about lunch time or so.  And that's my birthday.  What a birthday it will be huh?

On the bright side, we might go to my mom's house about five miles away and stay with her through the storm.  Why go only five miles away?  She has cable internet and my lap top just occosaionally gets a wireless signal.  LOL

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