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With Arms Wide Open Question

With Arms Wide Open Question

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Domestic Violence Awareness
 With Arms Wide Open is a Buffy/Angel fanfic.  If I post it here, would you read it?  I want to know before I take time the time and effort to post it.  I get frustrated with LJ while reading fics because it shows the most recent posts first and that means that the chapters are backward and if you have to slit up the chapters the ending is before the beginning.  I have 7 chapters ready to post right now.  If I get just one person who would read it, I will post.  Just respond to this post and let me know.

I just think that most of my friends on LJ are Superman fans and I have no idea if any are Buffy/Angel fans.  And when I say Buffy/Angel I mean a Buffy with Angel romantically happy ending.

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