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The Fiction Library

The Fiction Library

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Domestic Violence Awareness
 There is a new email list on Yahoo Groups!!!  Go check it out!!

A place to get together and enjoy reading and writing fan fiction of any Television show or Movie.

A friend of mine and I started this group tis weekend and rigt now it only has a few members and no posts.  But if you jooin and spread the word and invite people in all kinds of fandoms, and post your fanfiction, (Mac looking at all of her Supman and Buffy/Angel fanfic writers out there that could post what they have written already -- doesnt have be new stuff cuase there will probably be people who haven't had the chance to read it yet, or people would love to re-read your stories, Little Secrets and Something Old, and Aftermath, and End of Days, and so many more.)  so go head and join, post and invite friends and just people you know.  Feel free to advertise on other email lists directed at fandoms, if it's alright with those list moms.

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