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Domestic Violence Awareness

If you wish to beta my story With Arms Wide Open and you are of legal age to read NC-17, please email me at ladymackenzie@bellsouth.net  or just leave a comment with a way that I can get in touch with you privately.  My betas are just being too slow. They have had Chapter 6 since I posted Chapter 5 and I have not heard a word from them. (Well I have one and I will be keeping this beta.) And then to top it off when I sent out an email last night, one of them had a auto-responce saying that she was on vacation until the 14th of this month. No word to me that she was gpoing out of town. Granted she doesn't need my permission, but when I have been waiting on her to beta a chapter for me for 3 months it would be nice for her to email me and let me know that she is going on vacation and won't have computer access for a couple of weeks. I feel that I have been very understanding and patient with my betas. I have 216 pages, 86,138 wordds typed up and more in a notebook to type up. I have all of Book One, Most of Book 2 and Half of Book 3 typed up. The only reason only 5 chapters are posted is because my betas have only sent those chapters back to me.

What I need in a beta, some one who is good in English gammar, someone who can point out typos (Where periods should be commas, simple spelling mistakes that spell check won't catch: ex. to instead of two or too; or passed instead past etc.). Someone who can help me make sure that the characters are in character given the new universe that I have established. Someone who can help me come up with ideas for the story that I am having trouble with (Re-write of Season 3 mainly). And some one who can get a chapter back to me so that I can post either every week or every two weeks.

Thanks for your help.


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