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The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics

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Ok, I admit it, I've mostly been only watching the Olympics for the figure skating.  It's the only time that I watch figure skating anyway.  Once every four years.  I really enjoyed the programs that NBC has shown.  Wish they would show all of them, but I understand that they have other sports that they have to cover as well.  Hubby is a little upset that I'm all of the sudden hogging the TV during Prime Time.  LOL  Oh well, he'll get over it!

While waiting for some figure skating to come on, I saw some of the snow boarding and WOW!!!!  And now my 11- year old wants to do that stuff on roller blades!  Oh boy!  I sure hope that the health insurance we have will cover any injuries while he's learning if he goes through with it.  He just learned to stay up right on the roller blades two days ago!  LOL

I've also gotten to see some of the skiing.  And can I say that USA is doing great!!  We might not be winning gold in all of the sports, but I think that the athletes are doing their best and for that, I can be proud of them weather or not they make the podium.  And it seems that they are in high spirits when they mess up.  I've seen some of the snow boarders smiling after they fall.  If was me who worked my whole life to make the Olympics only to fall on my butt in the middle of qualifiers or finals, I'd cry.  So my respect for them has gone up 100 fold!!!  And already have respect for someone who trains their whole life for something.  I have ADHD and my attention span just isn't so that I could do that.  LOL  

Ok now, I'm going to rant a little bit about one of our athletes.  Shawni Davis.  He did not salute the flag when he recieved his gold metal.  I don't understand this.  I've looked around online to see if he has said why he didn't salute it.  I can compleately understand if he forgot because he was so caught up in the moment.  I may not like it, but I can understand.  I can understand if it was because he religion forbids it.  (I do know that there are some out there that do forbid say the pledge and saluting our flag.)  I may not like it, but it's a lot more understandable than just forgetting to because of the adrenaline or whatever  even if he has every right be excited at his accomplishment.  But to not do it just because?  And he hasn't said why he hasn't done it.  I don't think the media has pointed it out!!!!!  This is what happens when you elect a president that doesn't salute the flag!!  I have read comments from posters saying that it's a new thing to salute the flag during the National Anthem.  That they just started doing it after the 60's.  There was this one poster that said that they went to school in the 60's and they were taught to just say the Pledge of Allegiance with their arms at their side!  Ok now this confuses me because my parents went to school in the 60's and were taught to cover their heart with their right hand while saying the pledge and during the National Anthem.  Matter of fact they were the ones who taught me and my siblings!!!!! (We knew how to do this before we went off to school.) My grandmother who just turned 89 this month was taught in school to salute the flag during Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem!!  The salute may have been different, but she was taught to salute!  I've read that the salute has changed over the years so I'm not sure if it was different when she was a child or not because she never said and I don't have long distance on my phone to call her and ask her at this moment.  I will see her at Easter and I will ask her then for my own curiosity.  I just remember her reminding us to salute the flag when the 84 Olympics was on TV and we were watching.  We had to stand up and salute whenever they played the National Anthem on TV.  The same thing right before any ball game that was about to be aired on TV.   Maybe it's a Southern or Mississippi thing.  I don't know.  Maybe it was that this person who posted that in the 60's people didn't salute the flag just lived in another part of the country.  I don't know.  All I know was I would have gotten my "butt beat"  if my parents ever saw us not saluting the flag during the National Anthem.  So I have to wonder about why Shawni Davis did not salute the flag.  Was just poor education and he didn't know to salute, was he too riled up (like Shawn White who tried but couldn't stand still, but he still had his hand over his heart) to remember to salute the flag or was just plain old disrespect for our country and flag?  And if so, why is representing us if he doesn't respect us?  Is just because he wanted to go the Olympics?  I just want to know why he didn't salute the flag!  The athletes that get silver and bronze while another National Anthem is playing, I can understand them not saluting because it might seem that they are saluting the country that won gold.  However, I don't know the protocol on that.  I don't know if they should, should not, up them or what.  And I do know that in this country, it's a choice to salute or not to salute the flag, but to me it shows disrespect if you don't.  Especially if you are in any type of USA uniform and he was in a USA speed Skating uniform!!! 

I also noticed that Shawn White was really hyper when he won gold.  :-D  And I think he has every right to be!  He did amazing!!  I just wanted to say that he looked my 11 year old ADHD son when he doesn't take his med.  Telling him to be still with out his med. is like telling a one month old not to cry when he/she is hungry or has a dirty diaper or needs some other type of attention -- it's just developmentally impossible!  LOL  So, the not standing still I can understand.  I'm not saying that Shawn White has ADHD because I honestly do not know, but I do know that he had to have had a lot adrenaline just from winning like he did and when you have adrenaline running through you, it's hard to stand still.  LOL  I know that a lot of people still do it, but some people just can't stand still.  With adrenaline running through you like that, it's like having too much caffeine.   LOL 

Anyway, Congrats to all of our athletes.  Yes, even Shawni Davis.  He did great and he needs to be recognized for it, but I also think he should give an explanation for not saluting the flag.  I think that the President should too, but good luck with that one! 

Anyway,  I'm now just waiting for the figure skating to start back up tomorrow night.  LOL   But on that note.  Is it just me and my hubby or did anyone else wonder how the USA pairs didn't fall at all but were graded harder than anyone else?  They had pairs that fell during their programs and had higher marks than us!  Although I have to hand it to the Chinese pair that won gold!!  They were totally awesome and deserved the scores that they got!  It's the others that I was wondering about!  And Congrats to Evan in the men's singles for those awesome programs he performed!


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