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Giving to Charities

Giving to Charities

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Domestic Violence Awareness
Why is it that when something happens over seas, Americans jump into their checkbooks and give money to people in need in other countries, but they don't have the same consideration for those in need in their own communities?  I've watched at how people have given money to Haiti and other countries who are in need.  And don't get me wrong, I think that's it great!  It just breaks my heart that the organization that ran the only domestic violence shelter in my pairsh (county) had to close down the shelter.  They still have other programs that they are able to run (such as a crisis hotline that used to be 24 hours that is now 9-2 M-F; Woman's Advocate; Child's Advocate; Referrals; Support Group; Spiritual Counciling, if desired; Financial Planning/Budgeting, if desired; Legal Advocate; and Domestic Violence Education.)  However the main reason for the organization, the 24 hour hotline and the emergancy shelter for women and their minor children fleeing domestic violence, has been shut down due to low funds.  The services that are provided are provided free of charge to all victims of domestic violence.  And are ran mostly by volunteers.   However, the shelter costs money to run and there is no money to run the shelter.  The morgage needs to be paid, light bill, telephone bill, water bill, all have to be paid.   This orgnization is a wonderful organization and it breaks my heart to see the emergancy shelter shut down.  Will no one help because we can't show pictures of the abused women and children who have no where else to go?

If you have ever asked the question "Why does she stay?"  Remember one of the answers is "Where would I go?"  Without our shelter, the women and chidren in my parish (county) have no where safer to go.  Where are the genrious people that give to Haiti for these women who cannot speak up for them selves because of fear of what might happen?



P.S. The computer that I am on has no spell check, so please forgive any and all spelling errors and grammar errors. 
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