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Superman Returns Fanfic Request

Superman Returns Fanfic Request

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S Shield

As those of you who have read my previous post know, there was a 10 year old girl from our church who drowned on Mother's Day.

I keep thinking, how would that affect Superman? Especially if he was the one to find her body after three hours of being underwater? And what if Jason somehow knew her? Not school mate, but maybe same daycare, something after school. I've never taken piano lessons before, but I think it's a one on one type thing, but maybe something else? Art class after school somewhere else? I'm thinking daycare would be the most likely. Jason would know her and could be friends with her, but not real close y'know? More of a class room setting. Anyway, they both would be 10. How would this affect Jason?

How did Superman find out about the girl needing to be found? I thought maybe a parent from (I'm just going to go with daycare) the daycare center could have taken it upon herself to call and ask for prayers. (Some people -- like myself -- do this.) Maybe this parent and the parents of the child who drowned were at the river together. And after 911 was called, the other mother started to call around for prayers to anyone who she could think of.

So Lois gets the call from the other parent and Clark is there and goes to help look. Although, now that I think about it, it could be Perry calls his best reporter to get on the scene. And it's not until they get there that they even know who it is. Or maybe not until Superman pulls her body from the river that they realize they knew her.

I do want Lois and Clark to be married. What happened to Richard and where Richard is is up to you.

Lois and Anissa just wrote a fic in the Little Secrets Universe for me, so I feel greedy asking them to write this. LOL

But I would also love to see more than one fic written about this. Different authors have different ideas!

I would love see how this affects Superman and Jason both. For some reason I see Lois having to give Superman sleeping pills so that he can sleep after this. Is this because he feels that if he had been just a little quicker, he could have saved her so he's on patrol more? Or is it because he just can't sleep because of what happened? Or is he having nighmares (that it was Jason he pulled out of the river) and trying to avoid sleep and she slips the pills into his drink or something?

I figure that Jason would want to be at the wake/viewing and funeral. (I know my kids did.) So Lois and Clark would check him out of school for the funeral. The wake/viewing is usually the evening before the funeral.

Anyway, there you go, I hope some one can come up with a story for this.


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