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My Ramblings

See how you can help!

See how you can help!

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Domestic Violence Awareness

I just found out that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  How did I find this out you ask.  Well, first I volunteer at my kids school.  I'm a comittee chairperson.  We have one car right now, so when hubby is at work, I ride my bikecycle to the school.  Last Thursday, I had a flat tire and called one of my committee members and let her know that I was running late because of a flat tire on my bike.  She offered to pick me up and mentioned something about having to do some other volunteer work for the people who run the local Battered Women's Shelter.  (Now, if she would have told me about this before Christmas last year, I would have said, "We have a Battered Women's Shelter?"  I didn't even know about it until my church held a Christmas Party for them this past Christmas Season.)  Anyway, back to my story, after we hung up I thought, Well, I have nothing else to do until 2:30, I could help her out if they want me to.  So when she picked me up, I told her that I could her out with the errands she had to do for the shelter.  She accepted my help and I jumped in with both feet, and now I'm a volunteer for the shelter.   Yesterday they had a Grand Opening for the new administrative offices for the shelter.  It was Monday night at the monthly volunteer meeting that I found out about October being DV Awareness Month! 

So anyway, this is my new volunteer project!  LOL  I will be training to be an advocate so that I can help these ladies and their children!  I'm so excited.  Yes, I'm still going to volunteer at the school, but I will be adding the DV shelter to my list of things to help out with as well.   I wish we lived in a world where these shelters were not needed, but the sad truth is that they are needed.  Pleasecheck with your own local DV Shelter to see what you can do to help! 

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